Our Sweet Does

Lil Tumbleweed Dakota

Born April 2016

Dakota is one of our sweetest does as she "paws" at us to get us to pay attention. She is named after North Dakota, where I grew up. She is pictured here with her first kid, Patience. 

Playrite Khaki's Blue Pippin

Born April 2011

We bought Pippin in February of 2017 and she was pregnant with twins. She fit right in with the herd and likes to boss the other goats around. 

Lil Tumbleweed Josie (Left)

Born May 2016 

Josie is our most timid goat and her coloring is so beautiful.  


Purified Colorado Patience

Born July 2017

Dakota's first baby, Patience, was born after we waited for what seemed like eternity! We stayed by Dakota's side until she was born and it reminded us of the virtue patience!

Little Hoofprints CJ L'oreal 

Born June 2016

This is her favorite place to hang out!!  She is just the sweetest!

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